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As our work and personal lives become more intertwined, it is not surprising that one can impact the other. Any disruptions at home can mean distraction and disrupted productivity in the office. As businesses become more aware of the relationship between “work” and “life,” some experts are acknowledging the deep and broad impact of divorce at the individual and corporate level. As a divorce lawyer who has seen too many divorces to count, we know how this works. Some advocates are working towards a business-model reform that would help employees transition through divorce in Lehi, Utah and nationwide.

Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that in addition to personal struggles, professional work product and performance can also suffer. Dividing property, working out custody arrangements and untangling life from spouse can be stressful, expensive, and overwhelming. In addition to the practical aspects of ending a marriage, there is also the emotional toll it can take on the couple and their children.


In a high-conflict divorce, these problems can be exacerbated. Not surprisingly, the stress and personal conflict associated with divorce can spill over into work life. According to studies, divorcing employees work more slowly and make more mistakes. In some instances they may project anger towards colleagues and customers. Marital problems can also lead to absences, tardiness, on-the-job injury and reduced productivity.

New reform would offer support from employers, including counseling, education and legal services. Supporters ask that businesses become more involved on behalf of their divorcing employees to help reduce conflict and streamline the divorce process. In addition to helping their employees, businesses would benefit from increased productivity, help reduce conflict between parties, and give employees structured support.

An employer’s support and involvement with a divorce could ease the financial and personal pressures associated with separation, divorce, custody, and property issues. Both employers and employees would benefit from a reform that could help address legal issues, minimize conflict and help divorcing employees get back to work.


After a divorce, parents must determine financial responsibilities for children of shared custody. While you may have come to a settlement regarding assets, debts and property, you will likely have ongoing issues regarding costs, including insurance coverage. Arranging health insurance for children after a divorce may not be too complicated; however, you will also have to come to an agreement about other forms of insurance, including car insurance, homeowners’ insurance and life insurance.

Usually when establishing health care for children, one parent will be obligated or will be in a better position to provide insurance through employment. The responsibility typically falls to the parent who has provided insurance during the marriage. Even though the coverage may be provided through one parent, it is usually the case that parents will split the costs 50-50. This can become more complicated if parents have shared custody and one parent moves out of state. Some health insurance companies won’t provide coverage outside of Salt Lake City, Utah, so you may have to find additional insurance coverage.

Cost of insurance is often factored into the amount of child support and can be either increased or reduced depending on existing financial arrangements. Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, children can remain on parents’ health insurance until they reach the age of 26, regardless of whether they are married, at home, still in school, or they are covered on another health care plan.

As far as other forms of insurance, including car insurance for a teenager, parents will have to negotiate the terms, which can be in a divorce agreement. Parents should also meet with insurance agents to ensure that they have proper coverage for a teen. If parents have shared custody, both should include the teenage driver on their policy.

Life insurance is also an important consideration. In some instances, a parent may be required to maintain life insurance on the children and the spouse. These details can be complex so it is important to consult with an experienced legal advocate or financial planning expert when negotiating the terms of a divorce settlement.

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