how long after a divorce in utah can you get remarried

how long after a divorce in utah can you get remarried

How Long After A Divorce In Utah Can You Get Remarried?

Believe it or not, this is a question that we often get. I think the reason we get this question a lot is because divorce in Utah takes time. It is a minimum of 90 days, but if there is fighting, it can take a lot longer.

The short answer to this question is immediately.

I personally recommend that you wait at least a day after your divorce decree is signed before you remarry. It makes it a little easier to prove that you didn’t get married while you were still married to someone else.

There is no waiting period for remarriage after divorce.

The way the court’s sign divorce decrees in Utah now, in 2017, is the court puts a digital seal and signature on the top of the first page of the decree with the date and time that the judge signed the decree. The moment after the judge signs the decree, you and get married again.

I hope this is clear.

If you have any other questions about divorce in Utah, please give us a call. We love family law cases and would love to answer your questions.

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Divorce in Utah

Divorce in Utah

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